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garden saunas

Garden saunas from the manufacturer Kubu-Wellness

Saunas gardenwhich producer is Kubu-Wellness are finished with high-quality spruce wood. Inside the sauna there are benches made of aspen or black alder. Our garden saunas have glass or wooden doors, lighting and a stove. What's more, at the customer's request, the internal walls of the sauna can also be finished with aspen or black alder wood. Another option is thermal wood, which can be used both inside and outside the garden sauna. Depending on your preferences and the intended place in your garden, you can choose garden sauna in shape of barrels (both horizontal and vertical), a rectangular house, an igloo and a leaf.

sauna ogrodowa beczka
sauny ogrodowe producent

Electric and wood-fired garden saunas

We have in our offer wood-fired garden saunas and electric garden saunas.

Characteristic electric garden sauna there is a built-in stove that serves to heat the interior. Thanks to this, there is no need to light the stove earlier, which makes it a much faster solution.

Wood-fired garden saunas they come in two configurations: loaded inside or outside the sauna.

Advantages of using garden saunas

Regular use garden sauna It has many advantages. In addition to health benefits and the possibility of discharging emotions, you can also have a nice time. Due to the temperature in the sauna, it helps to burn calories, regenerate after training, remove toxins, as well as reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep. The sauna can be used both in summer and winter.

sauna ogrodowa elektryczna
sauna ogrodowa opalana drewnem

Choose the perfect garden sauna at Kubu-Wellness

Finding a good one garden sauna it's not always easy. Fortunately, taking advantage of the offer producer's Kubu-Wellness, we can count on professional advice and the highest quality products. Kubu-Wellness offers garden saunas from a ready-made offer or adapted to an individual project. Our garden saunas can be equipped with: windows (small, panoramic or semi-panoramic), LED lighting under the benches, a Bluetooth audio system and a vestibule. Garden saunas are also a very good addition to tub, together they create a perfect duo for a home SPA.

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